Ethnic Foods Project

Ethic Food Project Photo 1 Highline Public Schools is pleased to share with you Flavors of Diversity—An Ethnic Food and Culture Program. More than 125 countries of origin are represented in Highline's student body. Highline Public Schools and Steps to Health, King County have joined forces to help our district's students learn about nutrition and develop more cultural awareness. Students will be exposed to nutrient-rich and exotic foods from around the world!
Ethic Food Project Photo 2 Flavors of Diversity has been designed to address a variety of needs of all students in the district. The first goal is to introduce students to nutritious foods from around the world, especially those places which are represented by the cultural backgrounds of our students. Once a month, students district-wide have the opportunity to try a new ethnic meal in the school cafeteria. By providing these opportunities, we hope to encourage all students to taste and enjoy nutritious foods that they may not have experienced previously.

The second goal of the program is to promote cultural awareness among all students in the district. To that end, we have asked for teachers’ assistance in providing additional opportunities in the classroom to help increase the exposure that students have to these cultures and foods. In order to help implement these opportunities, we have provided informational sheets for teachers that include ideas for classroom activities, suggested reading lists and online resources. These ideas are embedded in core curricular areas, and help round out the experiences of students so that they can make multicultural awareness and nutritional experiences part of their everyday learning.

Flavors of Diversity Resources: