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Election Results

It appears that the bond will not reach the 60% threshold needed for passage. With the majority of ballots counted, the bond has received 54.72% of the vote.
"The community has made it clear it wants us to work with what we have and we will," said Superintendent Susan Enfield. "Our job now is to find a solution to our overcrowding that is least harmful to our students. Like other districts in King County that have failed bonds, we will have to consider portables on play fields, double shifting, and busing students out of their neighborhoods." 
We are grateful for the support expressed by the majority of voters who voted to approve the bond measure. 

February Bond Measure 

A school construction bond to repair or replace deteriorating schools and ease overcrowding went before voters on February 10, 2015. After seeking community input following the November election, the school board voted December 17 to place a new bond measure on the February ballot.

The November bond measure fell just short of the 60 percent approval required for passage. The February bond retained the major projects in the November measure, with modifications based on community input.
The total amount of the February bond proposal was $376.0 million, about $9 million less than the package proposed in November. Savings come from eliminating interim sites for the new middle schools and beginning construction on the elementary school a year earlier. Learn more about the cost of the bond
The bond proposal would have rebuilt and repair schools across the district, focusing on the most critical needs. 
The bond proposed to: 
  • Build three new schools on properties already owned by the district,
  • Make capital improvements to support arts education throughout the district, and
  • Address additional critical needs throughout the district.
The video demonstrates Highline's need to replace and repair aging schools. 
The video below demonstrates Highline's growing population. Click here to view and print a one-page handout that summarizes the video.