Room to Learn: November 8 Bond

Southern Heights students work in a closet.  Our proposed bond measure would provide students with safer schools, smaller class sizes, and room to learn in our fast-growing district. The bond is part of a long-term facilities plan developed by a citizen-led committee.  
  • Our students need room to learn. Our enrollment is growing, and our elementary schools are crowded. We need more classrooms for the additional students coming to us in the next 10 years and for lower class sizes now.  
  • community-led group developed a long-term plan to ensure students have room to learn. This $299 million bond is part of a three-phase facilities plan developed by citizens from across the district. It is a fiscally responsible approach that puts our most urgent needs first and capitalizes on state matching funds.  
  • Our students need safe schools. This bond will make students safer. It improves security by upgrading the video surveillance system at every school in the district and installing electronic locks on every classroom door. It rebuilds our oldest schools, which do not meet today’s fire and earthquake standards. 
The school construction bond will go before voters on November 8. Please remember to vote. 
Use the links below to learn more about Highline Public Schools Proposition 1.

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