Cascade creates responsible, lifelong learners in a safe and respectful environment where all are inspired to excel, value their community, and celebrate diversity.


Greetings families and community members,

Cascade Middle School proudly serves the White Center community, at the north end of Highline Public Schools. We are a 7th- and 8th-grade middle school with approximately 580 students, about 111 students served by our ELL program. Our students and their families speak over 20 languages at home and represent many, many countries across the globe. Cascade’s diversity is what sets us apart from other schools!

We are excited to continue our partnership with Community School Collaboration (CSC). CSC offers after-school academic support and enrichment activities for our students four days a week (Monday – Thursday). Programs include academic support by way of homework assistance and clubs ranging from arts, dance, and cooking to leadership, girls’ group, and money management. Through our partnership with CSC we also pair with Boeing to offer math and science clubs. New this past school year was a new partnership with the Technology Access Foundation’s (TAF) STEM Up program that offers another after-school option for our students to participate in activities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields of study.

We offer academic programs for students at every point on the learning spectrum. Language arts, science, social studies, and math classes all offer opportunities for students to obtain honors-level designations on their transcripts for students who want the challenge of additional, honors-level coursework. Our special education program utilizes the push-in model for language arts and math to keep students in general education classes with their peers, while getting added support through reading and math interventions. Our excellent World Language Department also offers one of the district’s first “heritage Spanish” programs for native Spanish speakers, in addition to Spanish I and World Languages.

We have a dedicated staff that spends countless hours after school ends to tutor students, advise clubs, and plan rigorous, engaging lessons. Teachers work diligently with students and families to ensure all students who want to succeed, do. Staff collaborates through weekly department meetings, as well as between departments during PCT (Professional Collaboration Time). We also work closely with professional organizations such as UW STEM Project, CEL (Center for Education Learning), and TDG (Teacher’s Development Group) to strengthen instruction and keep our teachers in touch with best practices.

I am eager to start my third year as principal of Cascade Middle School this coming fall. I look forward to meeting you and your student, and getting to know your family. Amazing things happen at Cascade; we are excited for you to be part of it.

Diana Garcia


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