• Field Day 2016

    Posted by James Roach at 6/15/2016

    With cool temps and intermittent showers throughout the day, Field Day 2016 went off without a hitch.  Grades 1-6 enjoyed fun under the cloudy skies on Monday while kindergarteners enjoyed mass fun on Tuesday.  Check out photos from this year's event below:

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  • Free Bowling!

    Posted by James Roach at 6/1/2016

    Are you looking for something fun to do this summer?  Go online and sign up for FREE bowling this summer!  Hiline Lanes, in Burien, along with other select bowling lanes across the nation are offering 2 free games of bowling every day, 7 days a week, ALL SUMMER LONG!  All you have to do is register online to receive your free passes every week by email.  All children 18 years of age and under can enjoy this opportunity from April 1 - September 30.

    To sign up, visit: www.KidsBowlFree.com/Hiline

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  • Elementary District Track Meet

    Posted by James Roach at 5/12/2016

    The Highline School District Elementary Track Meet is coming to Highline Memorial Stadium on Friday, June 3rd, from 2:45 - 5:00pm.  Please plan on arriving early so you don't miss the Community 1-Mile Run!

    Click Here to download the Event Flyer.

    Click Here to download the Spanish version.

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  • New Tag Board

    Posted by James Roach at 5/5/2016

    On Wednesday, May 4th, Madrona’s gymnasium and foyer outside the cafeteria received new tag board, courtesy of Highline grounds crew Kimberly Magee.  While our gym was receiving a new coat of paint, I decided to look into alternative ways to hang posters and other pertinent information for our kids.  Because tape does not always adhere to brick very well, we figured that tag board would be the way to go; plus it does not leave a sticky residue!  Within a week of placing the work order, Kim was on site with me to go over the plans.  Back at the shop, she was able to cut the boards to size and create a border before securing them precisely to our desired locations.  I appreciate Kim’s hard work and professionalism in being able to provide our PE department with long overdue tag board so that we can pass on information to our students.

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  • Game Lines Painted

    Posted by James Roach at 4/23/2016
    In preparation for F.I.T. Day 2016, I began looking for ways to improve the appearance of our school since we would be hosting this year's event.  While scoping out a location for our basketball spot shooting contest, I noticed that our outdoor courts were in need of some uplifting.  With F.I.T. Day quickly approaching, I took it upon myself to clean up the backboards.  Unfortunately, the backboards were too stained and rusted that I was left with no choice but to paint them.  Due to the nature of the spot shooting contest, I decided to wait until after F.I.T. Day to paint the basketball court lines.  In the meantime, Mr. D and I repainted the tetherball and four square courts.  With Mr. D taking on the basketball and hopscotch courts, our students and rest of the community are now able to utilize our resources even more for fun physical activities!

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  • New Gym Paint!

    Posted by James Roach at 4/22/2016

    During the week of April 18th - 22nd, the walls of Madrona's gym received a fresh coat of paint, thanks to Dale Wammer (Highline School District Paint Lead).  The current Madrona building is now 13 years old and that was the last time our gym was painted.


    After our running track refurbishment earlier this school year, I started looking for other ways to enhance our facility.  Then while hanging 2 new flags in the gym, I noticed that our walls appeared to change color as I climbed higher up the ladder.  I knew that the walls were marked up and stained from the thousands of kids that have used it over the years.  That's when I decided to put in a work order so that hopefully by this summer, I could potentially paint it myself.  As I arrived to work on Monday the 18th, I found Dale up on a ladder in our gym scoping out the original paint color.  I thanked him for coming out and helping to get the ball rolling.  Little did I know, Dale would begin prepping our gym that day!


    Within the hour, Dale was taping off baseboard, scraping loose paint, patching holes and caulking cracks.  I was reminded about how much prep work was involved and suddenly glad that we had a professional on our hands to get the job done right.  As our students rolled in the gym for PE, Dale continued to work around us during the last week of our gymnastics unit.  The non-toxic paint used in our schools is also used in hospitals and emits very low odor.  With the doors open and warm air blowing in from outside, the paint was dry to touch within a half hour.


    Mr. D and I used this as a teaching opportunity for our kids to emphasize PE Expectation #7 (Treat equipment like it is your own and for its own purpose).  Just as we expect our kids to take care of our equipment, we expect them to take care of our facility.  Although the walls of schools are bound to be in need of repainting every 10 years or so, we can help to preserve them by being conscious of how we use them.


    By Friday the 22nd, our gym now shines as bright as the day it was brand new!  Our students and staff thank Dale for his professionalism in being able to work around us and for doing an outstanding job.  We will enjoy and take care of it for years to come!

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  • Track Improvements

    Posted by James Roach at 11/30/2015
    On the morning of November 9th, the Highline School District grounds crew consisting of Rick Healy, Casey Zaputil and Priestley Pum, gave the outside of our school's gymnasium a face lift.  As seen in the pictures below, they removed the dead shrub and sand and planted 8 new plants.  Shortly after the school's construction in 2006, the plants in this flowerbed lost their battle to dehydration.  Since then, children had been using this area as a "sandbox" and would track dirt into the gym.
    plants before (before)   plants after (after)
    This upgrade to our facility is just one latest improvements that our students and community will be able to enjoy. On Friday, October 9th, our school's cinder track was refurbished by grounds crewmen Guy Manza and Ron Slee.  8 years ago, the city of Seatac funded Madrona to create a 2-lane, 268 meter cinder track.  However, it has been 8 years since this track has been groomed and until October 9th, grass had overtaken much of turn 3 and water runoff caused a trench to form around turn 4 through the homestretch.  While improvements to our track will continue in the spring, we can now enjoy a smooth and wider running surface.  We want to thank Highline School District's grounds crew for making these improvements to our facility.  We would also like to invite our student's families and community members to come out to our track and get more use out of it.  With 6 laps equaling exactly 1 mile, this makes our facility a convenient and safe place for neighboring families to use for running and walking!
    track before (before)   track after (after)

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