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About Your Counselor

Ms. Shauna C. Pierson

Phone: 206-631-7778

Email: shauna.pierson@highlineschools.org

Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Degree: Guidance & School Counseling National Board Certified School Counselor

Ms. Shauna C. Pierson

Our school counselor, Ms. Shauna Pierson, works tirelessly to help New Start students reach their graduation goals.  Ms. Pierson plans class schedules so students can complete all required classes. When appropriate, she sets students up with the Learning Center where they can complete course contracts to suppliment their current class load.  She also makes sure students take and pass their state-required tests in order to graduate in a timely fashion.

Ms. Pierson also works with students to explore post-graduate educational opportunities such as colleges and apprenticeships.  She leads workshops on getting ready for college such as Writing your College Essay, College Applications, and Financial Aid (FAFSA), and Scholarships for Higher Education; co-directs the Girl's Group on campus; and takes the initiative to meet other needs of our students.

Students and parents are welcome to drop in to see Ms. Pierson or make an appointment via email or through Ms. DeGeorge at the New Start office.

About Your Intern and Career Specialist

Ms. Cindy Akana

Phone: 206-631-7792

Email: cindy.akana@highlineschools.org

Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts, Fuller Bachelor of Arts, SPU

Ms. Cindy Akana

Our Internship and Career Preparation Specialist, Ms. Cindy Akana, works to connect students with career-based internships which will help them move towards strong-wage and high-demand careers.  Some internship employers pay our students an hourly wage or stipend; but for those that can not, we draw from a YouthWorks grant to pay eligible students a $500 stipend when they complete a 90-hour internship.  

Ms. Akana also organizes Career Fairs and career-based field trips where students can explore diverse career fields of interest.  She believes providing students with opportunities to see what is available to them gives them more options for choosing a satisfying and strong-wage career.  Ms. Akana also leads workshops to prepare students for successful interviews and teach them how to successfully navigate the current job market and career pathways.

Students are welcome to drop in to see Ms. Akana between classes or make an appointment to meet with her during lunch, advisory, or before and after school.