College & Career Readiness Requirements

  • Washington State has updated requirements for high school graduation. The new Career- and College-Ready Graduation Requirements (also known as Core 24) increase the number of credits needed to graduate.

    Starting with the class of 2021, Highline students will need to earn a minimum of 24 credits to graduate. (If you plan to graduate before 2021, please check our graduation requirements page to see the graduation requirements that apply to you.)

    A committee of teachers, counselors, school administrators and central office staff is developing a plan to ensure that all high schools provide students with access to the learning opportunities they need to graduate and be successful in further education. In February, the committee will make recommendations to the superintendent regarding:

    • Expanded opportunities for rigorous coursework in all schools, so that all students are well prepared, no matter which high school they attend in Highline.
    • Opportunities for students to earn enough credits to meet the new graduation requirements.
    • School schedule changes necessary to give students the opportunity to earn more credits.



  • Director of Secondary Initiatives