Ms. Janie Smith

Phone: 206 631-3546

Email: janie.smith@highlineschools.org

Degrees and Certifications:

Highline Community College A.A.Central Washington University B.A. in EducationCertified in Elementary Education, General, Choral and Instrumental Music.

Ms. Janie Smith

My name is Janie Smith and I LOVE working with students! I am teaching my fifteenth year of teaching at Bow Lake Elementary.  I enjoy teaching students to play recorders, xylophones, drums, guitars and other instruments. I also like to help students learn dances and to sing songs. One of my most favorite things to teach is drama. In the last few years I directed "Annie" and "Willy Wonka" plays at Bow Lake and I am hoping to co-direct "Peter Pan" next year if I can find an assistant. Parents are always encouraged to visit our classes.