• Q13 Covers Community-led Bond Measure

    Q13 featured our community-led process for developing a bond measure in a news story. Reporter Nadia Crow interviewed Rose Clark and Danielle Houle, co-chairs of the CFAC, the community-led committee that created the proposed bond measure.

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  • KIRO 7 Covers Suspension Policy

    KIRO 7 featured our approach to student discipline in a news story. Superintendent Enfield sent a letter to all staff responding to concerns raised about our goal to reduce out-of-school suspensions.

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  • Top 8 Things to Do Before School Starts

    Spread the word! School starts September 1. Be prepared for the first day of school with our easy-to-follow checklist of 8 things to do before school starts.

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  • Headed to Middle School? Don't miss this!

    Moving into middle school is a big step. Start it off on the right foot. Attend a free three-day program for incoming seventh-graders. It includes a trip to the U.W. for special event with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson!

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  • We Heard You! Here's What We Learned

    It's time for us to share what we heard in our recent online community conversation. More than 1,000 people shared their priorities and ideas about possible school schedule changes and high school improvements with us.

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Our Promise

Our Promise encompasses our district’s mission and vision.
EVERY STUDENT in Highline Public Schools
is known by NAME, STRENGTH,
and NEED, and graduates ready for

Highline's Bold Goals from Highline Public Schools on Vimeo.


I am more proud than ever to be serving as Highline’s superintendent.

The trailblazing work of our teachers, leaders, support staff, families, volunteers, and mentors is paying off in very tangible ways. Our graduation rate jumped more than seven points last year, rising from 62.9% to over 70%! While we have hard work to do to meet our goal of at least 95% of our students graduating, it is clear that we are on the right track and gaining momentum.

It is gratifying to see our community working alongside us. When we invited you to share your thoughts and concerns in our first-ever ThoughtExchange, hundreds of you contributed to that online dialog. We are incorporating your ideas and input into our plans the future. Additionally, many of you are participating in other ways:
  • Serving on high school planning committees and working with us on plans that ensure equitable and challenging courses in all our high schools. 
  • Helping us develop a long range plan to address our building needs. The citizen-driven Capital Facilities Advisory Committee, co-chaired by two community members and a student, is meeting all year to work on this issue. The committee’s recommendations will help shape a future bond measure. 
  • Providing workplace learning experiences for our students. Our list of partners exceeds 400 people who care enough about our high school students to carve out time and share resources to help youth achieve bright futures. We are grateful for the businesses and organizations that provided our students with more than 900 real-world internships last year.
Graduating at least 19 out of 20 students is an ambitious goal, but with your help, we will achieve it. Your involvement really does make a difference, student by student.

I encourage you to be a part of Highline rising by becoming a career partner or volunteering in a school-- and by spreading the word about our amazing staff and students.

We are Highline!
Susan Enfield, Ed.D.

Capital Facilities Advisory Committee