Our Promise

Our Promise encompasses our district’s mission and vision.
EVERY STUDENT in Highline Public Schools
is known by NAME, STRENGTH,
and NEED, and graduates ready for

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Superintendent Susan Enfield
I am so excited to welcome our students back to school! There is an energy in the air this fall unlike any I have experienced before in Highline. Our teachers and staff are more motivated than ever and are diving into learning with our students. I can’t help but feel this will be Highline’s best year yet!
I want you to know how critically important our famlies are in the education of our students and in the success of our whole school system. One of the four pillars at the foundation of all we do in Highline is strong partnerships with families and community. I am personally committed to ensuring that we are true partners with you in all we do.

To demonstrate that commitment, we will have many more opportunities for you to be involved in the challenges that lie ahead of us this year. To start off, we have a new web-based tool called ThoughtExchange that will allow you to share your ideas and feedback about anything you want us to know. You will be invited to go to our ThoughtExhange website and share your thoughts in early October. 

We will be engaging our families and community on two very important topics this year: ensuring that all our high school students have access to the challenging coursework they need to be prepared for success, and providing facilities that address our growing enrollment and meet our students’ learning needs. We will be hosting a year-long series of community meetings on both topics.

To ensure we have deep community participation in planning our future school facilities, we are convening a Capital Facilities Advisory Committee that will make recommendations for a long-term facilities plan and a future bond. Fifteen members will be appointed by outside organizations (our cities, employee associations, and community organizations) and the remaining 25 will be selected by lottery. If you are interested in being entered in the lottery, please go to www.highlineschools.org/cfac for details and send your name and contact information to capitalplan@highlineschools.org.

I feel a sense of pride and optimism in Highline greater than I have felt since I became superintendent here. I hope you feel it, too. Together, we will lift our students up to reach their dreams.
We are Highline!
Susan Enfield, Ed.D.

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