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Healthy Youth Survey

Healthy Youth Survey Information 

“ Sixth graders will be given the opportunity to participate in the WA State Healthy Youth Survey at school, in late October. Survey topics include:

·        Anonymous – no names are included, no identification numbers are used, no one from at Mount View will see the surveys

·        Feelings about school & community

·        Relationships with family, friends, neighbors

·        Eating habits, physical activity

·        Health education

·        Attitudes about the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs

·        Behaviors related to safety

·        Behaviors related to violence


The Healthy Youth Survey is given to 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade students all across our State.  Students have been taking this survey since 1988.  The results are used by WA State agencies, County agencies, and school districts and schools to better understand our students and to provide them with the services they need.  Results are used for planning programs and obtaining the money to fund programs.  Your student was provided a flyer to bring home, describing the Healthy Youth Survey 10 days ago.  If you prefer that your student does not participate in the Healthy Youth Survey, please call the Mount View office at 206-631-4500.  Your student  may also excuse themselves from taking the survey.  If you have any questions, please call Kevin Beck at the WA State Department of Health, 1-877-HYS-7111.”