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    October 31, 2014                                  
    Dr.  Anne Reece, Principal






    If your child will miss school please call the office at:
    206.631.5200 before 10:15am.
    Letters will be mailed home to students who accumulate more than 2 unexcused absences in a week or 5 in a month and a conference to come up with a plan to help improve your child’s attendance may be scheduled.



    White Center Heights Elementary


    10015 6th AVE SW • Seattle WA • 98146   PH: 206.631.5200


    Notices & Events

    Monday      11/03        Picture Retake

    Wednesday 11/15 WCH Coffee Hour with WCCDA – Principal Chat and Information Sharing

    Thursday 10/16   Town Hall with Principal for English Speaking Families 6:00-7:00 WCH Library

    Thursday 11/13   Town Hall with Principal for Spanish Speaking Families 6:00-7:00 WCH Library

    Thursday 11/18   Town Hall with Principal for Vietnamese Speaking Families 6:00-7:00 WCH Library

    Thursday 11/20   Town Hall with Principal for Somali Speaking Families 6:00-7:00 WCH Library

    Monday-Wednesday 11/24-26 Student-Parent Conferences – NO SCHOOL

    Thursday & Friday 11/25 & 26 Thanksgiving – NO SCHOOL


    Parent Events: WCH will have a parent event every third Thursday of the month – 10/16, 11/13,18,20, 12/18, 1/15, 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21.  Keep these nights free to join us for fun events and parent information nights.

    Town Hall Meetings: Mrs. Reece will be holding Town Hall meetings with parents to share information on the Common Core Standards and to hear from parents. To make sure she can join different language groups we have set up four parent nights in October and November. Please plan to come.

    Lice in Schools – Lice is hard to get but once your child has lice they can be very hard to remove. If your child has lice please do not send them to school until they have no live bugs. Comb with a lice comb daily and wash all bedding, clothes and stuffed toys weekly. Cleaning house and vacuuming helps remove nits and bugs from the home where most children are re-infested.

    Uniforms – Our students look great in their uniforms. Thank you to families for sending your child in uniforms. Uniform colors are navy blue and white. Parents will be called to bring uniform clothes if students are not in uniform.

    Head Start at WCH: We are staring our first Head Start classes for preschoolers on October 13. We welcome all the new families and children!

    Early Learning Information Night: White Center CDA is having a parent information night on early learning at Mt. View /elementary on October 17 from 4:00-7:00. All families welcome.


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White Center Heights Elementary prepares thoughtful scholars for a global community.
White Center Heights is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school in the White Center area of West Seattle. We have students and parents from 41 different countries. Eighty percent of our students speak at least one other language in addition to English.

We do many things to help our families. We provide free breakfast for all students and a free and reduced price lunch program that serves around 90% of our students. We have a family support program to help families in need. We hold many different family events with the community.

Our school focuses on academic achievement and positive behavior. Our vision is to prepare all of our students to be successful at middle school and beyond. To do this, we work with our families and the White Center community to provide support to our students.

White Center Heights Elementary School has a staff that is dedicated to the students and their families.


Hello White Center Heights Families and Community Members,

I am entering my third year as principal of White Center Heights in 2014-15. I am committed to working with families, teachers, and our community partners to support our students to achieve great things!

I have worked in public education for a long time. Before coming to White Center Heights I was the Assistant Principal at Madrona Elementary in Sea Tac. I was a classroom teacher and literacy coach in Bellevue and Seattle. I have been an instructor at the University of Washington in the Teacher Education program. Early in my career I was a classroom teacher, district consultant, and school principal in Australia.

My vision for WCH Elementary is that when our students leave WCH Elementary, they are ready for middle school and beyond. This means they will be:
- Academically successful by being confident and capable with the Common Core State Standards;
- Self-disciplined to work independently, remain focused on their learning, and make good choices;
- Proud of their heritage and compassionate towards others in the community; and,
- Able to communicate and build good relationships with adults and other children.

We have amazing teachers and staff at WCH. They work hard every day to ensure our children learn. But we need help and support from our families and community members. We need to work together – teachers and families and administration and community members - working with our students to ensure they are successful and confident people.

At WCH Elementary we will be focusing on the district goals for all students to meet the new Common Core State Standards and to reach zero out-of-school suspensions. In 2014-15 we will:

- implement standards-based teaching and assessment to ensure all our students meet the new standards;

- implement the workshop model in reading, writing, and math to ensure students get lots of opportunities to demonstrate independence on the standards and to differentiate instruction so students meet standards;

- implement Blended learning with computer based instruction as rotation choices for workshops;  

- explore inquiry-based learning so students are engaged in meaningful learning that demands higher level thinking;

- build on our PBIS (positive discipline) work to decrease the number of out-of-school suspensions by 30-50%.

I look forward to working with you all to ensure our students find success in 2014-15.

Dr. Anne Reece (PhD)


  • Free Summer Meals Available for Local Children

    Highline children can eat free breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the summer through the federally funded Simplified Summer Food Program (SSFP). The program provides funding for 17 Highline schools to serve children living in South King County in partnership with six community organizations.

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  • Families: Give Us Your Feedback!

    Highline families still have time to submit feedback on how our schools are doing. All families are encouraged to take a short online survey. Results will help us make changes to improve our schools and better support our students.

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  • Activate Instruction Lets Students Learn More

    Students can get extra help when they need it on Activate Instruction. The online resource is available for free to all Highline students. Teachers across the country create, share, and organize learning resources on Activate Instruction, and students use it to learn at their own pace.

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  • Student Authors are Celebrated

    Highline has many budding authors, and our students are proving it during Highline Writes! Week of Writing Celebration. The week-long writing event across the district is recognizing students as authors in a variety of ways, including a writing contest.

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  • Highline Saves Taxpayers $4.5 Million

    Recently, Highline Public Schools refinanced bonds sold in 2007, resulting in a savings to taxpayers of more than $4.5 million over the next eleven years. The savings will lower the amount of money that will be collected from taxpayers to pay off previously issued bonds. We are pleased to be able to give these dollars back to the taxpayers.

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