Career Preparation

We believe students succeed academically when they are able to see the relevancy of what they’re learning in school through engaging, meaningful career exploration activities and can tie it to their future college and career interests.    

Career exploration beyond the classroom is a great way for students to learn about strong-wage, high demand fields along with the associated post-secondary educational pathways, whether it is a Technical, 2-Year or 4-year college & beyond. (T-2-4) They can also learn how to solve problems and develop “soft skills” in a real-world setting.     

It is our district goal that by 2017, at least 19 out of 20 students will graduate prepared to choose their future.  We have developed a number of activities with our Career Partners to help students prepare for their careers.   

Please note: career opportunities posted on our website, unless noted otherwise, are for students who attend a high school in the Highline district. 
Students from Highline Public Schools on career tours and at internships

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