Learning Center

  • Hard at work! Studying hard!
    The Learning Center is a student-focused program seeking to re-engage individuals who are disconnected from traditional schools by providing flexible and personalized instruction.
    The Learning Center has two locations. 
    Learning Center North
    Salmon Creek Alternative Campus
    614 SW 120th Street
    Seattle WA 98146
    Learning Center South
    Woodside Alternative Campus
    18367 8th Avenue South
    Burien WA 98148 
    Impact on Students 
    At the Learning Center, students are greeted with flexible and personalized instruction. The alternative program reengages students who are disconnected from school. Student Sonia Guajardo turned to the Learning Center after falling behind in school. See how the program transformed her life.  

    Both the north and south learning center sites function as learning labs, serving a variety of students with different needs who are eligible for different state-approved programs.

    If you are a student, parent, or community member and are interested in learning more about The Learning Center, please contact the Connection Center for an appointment. 

    Students are either (1) directly enrolled into The Learning Center (TLC), meaning TLC is their home/primary school or (2) cross-enrolled from their home/primary school, meaning they still require a host school.
    • Direct Enrollment is for students eligible for 1418 Open Doors Programming only. 
      • Students Eligible for 1418 Open Doors include those who meet all of the following: 
        • 16 or older by September 1st of the current school-year
        • Under the age of 21 on September 1st of the current school-year
        • Significantly behind in credits earned
        • Do not plan to immediately return to a traditional high school 
      • This program is for students who have dropped out of school or are currently at-risk of dropping out. There are certain program requirements and benefits that include:
        • Case management
        • Career planning
        • Diploma or GED Attainment 
        • Educational Support
    • Cross Enrollments are required for students not eligible for 1418 Open Doors programming.  A cross-enrollment is a dual enrollment between a students neighborhood/primary school and a school called Satellite.  However, these students still receive educational services at one of our learning center sites.  
      • Students eligible for cross-enrollment include students serving long-term suspensions, needing credit recovery, with health barriers, or need an interim placement for educational services.  
    To determine whether The Learning Center is the best educational fit for a student, please refer them to the Connection Center by completing one version of the Connection Center Referral Form below. Referrals via staff-to-staff email or phone will not be reviewed.  
    Connection Center Referral Form - Paper Version (open link, print, complete, scan, and return via email)
    Connection Center Referral Form - Electronic Version (open link, complete questions, and submit online)