National Board Certification in Highline

  • The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards recognizes Washington as a model state in recruitment, retention and support of candidates. Their 2017 report stated that Washington is: 

    • 1st in the country in New NBCT's, 1,435 (6 years in a row)
    • 2nd in Renewed NBCT's 533. 
    • 3rd in percentage of teachers who are NBCT's 17.29%.
    • 3rd in total number of NBCT's, 10,018
    • Washington has ninth highest applicant volume in country.
    • The data supports the idea that Washington is a model state in terms of low attrition rate, high candidate volume, high quality candidate support and quality mentor training (as evidenced by the high achievement rate for first-time candidates).
    • Washington has the lowest attrition rate in the country (9 percent).
    • The attrition rate for candidates in Title I schools is much lower than that for non-Title I schools.

    Congratulations to the class of 2017 New NBCT's: Valerie Anderson, Yanina Aronova, Jennifer Bathelt, Brittany Beaumont, Heather Boswell, Joseph Boyer, AJ Campanelli, Helen Cantero, Wendy Colmus, Melissa Cook, Amanda Coy, Emily Davis, Sarah Gerhardt, Marylou Gomez, Shannon Halliday, Alison Henry, Carrie Howell, Jessica Ingersoll, Satprit Kaur, Ann Kelly, Anna Kramer, Stacie Latimer, Denise Lund, Kelsie Maney, Kiimberly Meschter, Amy Moore, Angela Nguyen, Jennifer Osgood, Jodie Ptak, Desiree Robinette, Justine Simkins, Alexandria Skagen, Stefani Skiljan, Beth Solan, Amber Swim, Kaia Tomokiyo, Sara Ullmer, Linda Wasser Tiffany, Paige Zentner

    Congratulations to the class of 2017 Renewed NBCT's: Dr. Christie Brown, Amy Flanigan-Zadra, Patricia Larson, Kari Mansfield, Jolly Meloottu, Lauren Monroe, Shauna Pierson

    Highline Public Schools is an OSPI approved support provider for National Board Candidates. Pursuing National Board Certification is a voluntary process for teachers who have taught for 3 or more years. 177 Highline teachers have achieved Certification. Highline provides a financial support package as described in the Section 18.4 of the CBA. Loans are available through OSPI.  Highline Cohorts are facilitated by state trained Highline teacher leaders who are NBCT certified. 25 Certificate areas are available. To complete the process teachers submit 4 Components, consisting of a content assessment and 3 written portfolios. 13% of Highline Teachers are National Board Certified. 

    Questions can be directed to Barbara Edwards, or Bernard Koontz


New & Announcements

  • National Board Information Sessions will be held on April 30th and May 21st from 4:00-5:30 at Central Office. Come and hear about the National Board process and how to become a candidate for the 2018-2019 school year. 

    Registration is now open for the 2018  WEA National Board Jump Start. The nearest location is:  July 30-August 2 in Snohomish. All new Candidates are recommended to attend. WEA Jump Start Registration     Member Cost:  $250

    June 25-28, 2018: Spokane, WA -- register
    July 30 - Aug. 2, 2018: Snohomish, WA  -- register
    July 30 - Aug. 2, 2018: Medford, WA (Partner event with Oregon EA) -- register
    August 6-9, 2018: Portland, OR (Partner event with Oregon EA) -- register   
    August 13-16, 2018: Bend, OR (Partner event with Oregon EA) -- register