• Educate every student and expect excellence with students and staff learning and growing together.


  • Proud Principal and Parent Ms. Haas  Dear McMicken Families,

    It has been another outstanding year for our Cougars! As is traditional at the end of every year, I like to highlight celebrations.  We are continuing to see gains in reading, writing and math data across the school. Our powerful instruction and strong partnerships with families are really having an impact on student learning.

    I want to extend a warm thank you to all of our families for their enthusiastic support of the McMicken community.  Families are an essential part of our school culture.  Many of you participated in Bridges to Math Success workshops, FACE Time (Family Academic Connection Event,) Jungle Book performance and Taste of McMicken.  In addition, families volunteered in the classroom and as field trip chaperones.  Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank our might PTO for endless hours of fundraising and listening to staff and families’ needs.  We couldn’t do it without you all!

    Although my daughter is now in middle school, she flourished while attending McMicken.  As both principal and parent, I can personally vouch for the incredible teaching and learning that happens in our building on a yearly, daily and even minute by minute basis.  We hold your children’s academic success at the heart of our work and our goal is to move ALL students to college and career readiness.

    We will accomplish this goal by adhering strictly to the promise of knowing each student by name, strength and need, as well as through honoring the beautiful diversity that our students and families bring to our schoolhouse every day.

    Looking ahead to 2017-18, we engage in the following actions in order to accomplish this goal:

    1)      Focus on students’ strengths and communicate them specifically to students and families.

    2)      Enlist families early and often as true partners in their students’ learning.  Share open and honest feedback with families about where their students are in relationship to grade level standards.

    3)      Relentlessly pursue strategies that are successful with our students.

    4)      Teach with urgency—every minute counts and is filled with robust opportunities for interacting with content.  This also means that we hold each and every student accountable for showing us what they know on a daily basis.

    It remains my moral and ethical imperative to be a model for our staff and support our community in this unified effort.  To a wonderful summer and exciting year ahead! 


    Alex Haas

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