• The staff and families of Beverly Park strive to create a safe, motivating, and respectful learning environment, where students realize their potential while developing academic skills through teamwork and an appreciation for the talents of all.  Beverly Park Elementary is a vibrant community of learners. The 550 students, staff, and families focus on relationship building, personal growth, and learning.


  • Robin Dear Beverly Park families, students, and patrons,

    Having just completed my first year at Beverly Park, I can tell you I continue my enthusiasm for the life and values that this school represents! Students are happy and love their school, parents are becoming involved and stepping up to help, and teachers are committed to improving instruction and outcomes for student performance. All this tells me this is a healthy vibrant learning community.

    This school is rooted in tradition and love for this community. The family events, Family Fun Nights and many other activities joining the family and school in service of the students are examples of the strong bond between school and home. There is a small but mighty PTA helping to sponsor every school event, and many other community partnerships all supporting our school and our students. The community steps up to support Beverly Park through donations, volunteerism, answering calls for help and many other ways, all in support of every student’s learning. It is clear to see that the community supports this school, the children and teachers, and the good work happening here.
    I know you will join me in celebrating the wonderful teachers and staff at Beverly Park. From the minute you step into our front office and are welcomed by our office personnel, you will notice the difference. You and your children will be greeted every day with affection, enthusiasm, and dedication to providing the highest level learning experiences to ensure their school success. We ask that in support of this, you partner with us and ensure your child attends regularly and only misses school when they are very sick. It is well known that students with good attendance generally receive higher grades and enjoy school more. Regular school attendance patterns encourage the development of responsible patterns of behavior in the future.

    On behalf of the entire school staff, and Mr. Steve Colmus our Assistant Principal, I assure you we are dedicated to each and every student, their family, and opening the world through quality learning experiences and activities that will take your child far beyond the classroom walls.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us often, we want to know you as parents and partners in your child’s education at Beverly Park!
    Ms. Lamoureux
    Principal Beverly Park Elementary

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