Native Student Literacy

  • The Native Student Literacy program supports and provides equitable access to high quality, culturally responsive language and literacy learning opportunities for American Indian/Alaska Native students (K-8). We believe that highlighting the importance of American Indian/ Alaska Native cultures, history, language, and knowledge systems can improve academic outcomes for American Indian/Alaska Native students K-12. The Native Education Literacy Liaison promotes in-home and community literacy learning strategies which support American Indian/Alaska Native learners. In upcoming months, we will be hosting a number of literacy focused events for eligible students and families to take part in. We encourage you to contact the Language Learning Department, to find out if your student is eligible to participate in our program. For the most current listing of our events, please review our event calendar.

    liłlaqəxʷ wiẁsuʔəxʷ kwi łasluud tiʔeʔ cədił sx̌ʷudx̌ʷud čəł. [gʷəł čəwatil əlgʷəʔ.]

    Future youngsters will be the ones to hear our talk. [and they will learn.]*

    *(Source: Lushootseed phrase)