Fall 2017 ThoughtExchange

  • In 2013, our community came together to develop a strategic plan with six ambitious goals for our students. Now, as that four-year plan sunsets, we have the opportunity to reflect on our progress and renew our strategic plan for the next four to five years.

    To honor the intensive work of our staff, families and community to create our strategic plan, we will stay the course rather than develop a completely new plan. We remain committed to the aspirations of students expressed in our goals and our promise to know every student by name, strength and need so that each graduates ready for college, career and citizenship.

    However, this is a good time to update the strategies supporting our goals and our promise, based on what we have learned over the past four years. We want to include a specific focus on the social and emotional well-being of our students because we know that students need to feel safe, welcome and respected in order to learn and be academically successful. 

    We invited our community to participate in our online, two-way conversation called ThoughtExchange in Fall 2017. We plan to share the results and thoughts shared with our community soon. Stay tuned.