• I am a Teacher. I am a Learner.
    We are successful at Des Moines.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we value each of the roles within our community. We view students, families, teachers, and staff as integral components to ongoing success. We see every member of our community as having something to offer, something to gain, and many ways to demonstrate success.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that every adult and every child is a TEACHER:
    - We all have talents, skills, and expertise to offer.
    - We all have unique perspectives to share.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that every adult and every child is a LEARNER:
    - We identify areas for development.
    - We honor mistakes as a step in the learning process.
    - We nurture curiosity.
    - We create a safe environment for transparent learning and risk taking.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that SUCCESS can be measured in many ways:
    - By progress toward standards, and also by growth.
    - As a group, and also as an individual.
    - By outcomes, and also by attitude.


  • October 02, 2017




    Dear Des Moines Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    We are excited to continue on our school’s tradition of partnering with community organizations with a Fall Harvest Walk to Wesley Homes on Tuesday, October 31st. In order to ensure students safety and minimal impact to instructional time, we have set the following guidelines for this event:


    • The Costume Walk will begin at 9:15 and will conclude at 10:15am.
    • Students in first through sixth grade will participate in the walk. Kindergarten classes will plan their own celebrations of one hour or less that appropriately meets the needs of that age group.
    • Costumes are optional for students. Those choosing to wear costumes must arrive to school in costume and bring clothes to change into immediately following the Costume Walk. Students will not be allowed to wear masks and costumes must not be violent or gruesome in nature. Hand held accessories are asked to be left at home and absolutely no toy weapons will be allowed.
    • Alternate and enjoyable activities will be provided for students and families that choose not to participate in the Costume Walk. These activities will not have a holiday focus.
    • The Costume Walk will be in place of classroom parties. 10:15am – 3:40pm will be dedicated to instructional time.


    Several volunteers are needed in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participant. If you are interested in volunteering, please return the bottom portion of this sheet to your child’s teacher. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to call me at 206-631-3700, or email at rick.wisen@highlineschools.org. Notes and in-person conversations are also welcome!




    Rick Wisen, Principal, Des Moines Elementary



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