• I am a Teacher. I am a Learner.
    We are successful at Des Moines.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we value each of the roles within our community. We view students, families, teachers, and staff as integral components to ongoing success. We see every member of our community as having something to offer, something to gain, and many ways to demonstrate success.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that every adult and every child is a TEACHER:
    - We all have talents, skills, and expertise to offer.
    - We all have unique perspectives to share.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that every adult and every child is a LEARNER:
    - We identify areas for development.
    - We honor mistakes as a step in the learning process.
    - We nurture curiosity.
    - We create a safe environment for transparent learning and risk taking.

    At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that SUCCESS can be measured in many ways:
    - By progress toward standards, and also by growth.
    - As a group, and also as an individual.
    - By outcomes, and also by attitude.


  • Dear Des Moines Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Our campus provides us with challenges at arrival and dismissal time. Please help ensure the safety of all of our children and minimize traffic congestion by adhering to the following procedures. If you do live on a bus line, we strongly encourage the use of bus transportation in order to reduce the number of cars at the school. We are working to ensure that parents and students arrive and dismiss in a safe manner.



    • Drop off quickly in the Drop-Off Zone on 9th Ave S - The Drop-Off zone is located between the signs “Drop-Off Zone” and “Bus Zone”.
    • Form a single line and pull forward as far as you can - be sure your car is within the Drop-Off Zone before allowing your student to exit the vehicle. Do not pull up next to another car or let students exit vehicles in the middle of the street.
    • Do not park or wait in the Drop-Off Zone - you may park in one of the angled spaces on S 220th St in front of the field.
    • Always cross your child at designated crosswalks! - Please do not cross the street anywhere except designated crosswalks.



    • The Bus and Morning Drop-Off Zone is reserved strictly for busses during school dismissal. - There is no parking in the area between the field and the mailboxes at any time during dismissal. To pick up students by car/van your car must be parked in a legal parking space.
    • No parking in the staff parking lot - This lot is reserved for Highline School District faculty and staff.
    • When no parking is available we have two waiting zones:

    Waiting Zone 1: Des Moines United Methodist Church located at 22225 9th Ave S

    Waiting Zone 2: Across the field on S 219th Street.

    There is no waiting behind the angled parking spaces, your car must be moving at all times along 220th unless you are parked in a legal space.


    Thank you for keeping our students safe at Des Moines! Have a warm and wonderful Holiday!




    Rick Wisen,

    Principal, Des Moines Elementary


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