Boundary Maps

District Boundary Map Each school has a non-busing and a busing boundary.
Each Highline District school has a service area boundary. All regular education students living within that boundary should attend the school serving their area. You may determine which schools serve your residence address by using this tool.

Within the service area for a school is a non-busing area. All regular education students living within this area are not eligible for bus service. Highline School District has set the busing area for schools as over 1 mile for elementary age students, over 1.5 miles for middle school students, and over 2 miles for high school students.

Special Education students may be transported inside these limits, if it is required by their IEP.
Regular education students wishing to attend a school outside their residential service area must go through the student placement office and are responsible for their own transportation.
Elementary Schools 
Middle School
High Schools