Kindergarten Fall 2017



Hilltop is a diverse community where we set high expectations, support learning, and celebrate academic and personal growth.


In order to support our vision, at Hilltop we:
  • Set high expectations by holding all students accountable for their learning.
  • Support learning by using data from a variety of assessment tools to drive instruction through collaborative planning.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate student effort and achievement in academic and social areas.


Dear Hilltop Families,

Kathy Emerick I am so pleased to be returning to Hilltop Elementary for the 2016 -17 school year! This past school year has led us to some wonderful celebrations for our students and community! 

We have made some strong gains in our students' abilities to read and write at high levels as measured by the Common Core State Standards. We are pleased to see our students implementing skills and strategies in their reading allowing them to think deeply about literature and analyze the deeper meaning of all texts. In the upcoming school year, we will continue to focus on our students' reading skills and continue to grow our students in math and science as well!

 Thinking of our students as whole people, our school will be taking a new focus on building our school culture. Implementing a new program called Second Step, our students will learn vital skills in self regulating our emotions and problem solving using positive language and compassion. Our staff are all receiving training in the use of new language and strategies we can implement to support all students in finding their best selves and thrive academically and socially at Hilltop and in our community.

This summer, we hope that all students are enjoying family and friend and preparing for a wonderful school year at Hilltop! Our teachers will take some time to refresh and relax as well as they will also be working to learn new skills, strategies and instructional methods to support growth in our students through increased student discourse and discussion,differentiation of instruction based on strong knowledge of all students' strengths and needs, and setting high and achievable goals for each student in their class.

Our vision and mission states that we will build students who are:

  • Academically on or exceeding state standards
  • Eager to learn and grow, academically and socially
  • Developing a sense of self through their appreciation of self and others

We will continue to celebrate our differences and build a strong community of learners to have a safe and fun learning environment.

Each and every day is an opportunity for all students to learn, grow and achieve; we set high expectations for learning as we know our students can reach them!

I look forward to partnering with our families to support and collaborate on our ambitious goals for student success!

Kathy Emerick

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