On Track to College & Career Success

  • Research shows that there are several key elements that can predict whether a student is likely to graduate from high school. But unfortunately, just graduating from high school is no longer sufficient for getting a job that pays a living wage or entering college or postsecondary training programs ready to earn credit.
    We want all of our students to graduate from high school ready for college, career and citizenship!
    The on-track dashboard is intended to help families and schools work together to help students succeed in high school and beyond. Some students who think they are “doing OK” in high school find out their senior year that they have not fulfilled all graduation requirements. Others find themselves taking remedial classes in college or technical school because they were not fully prepared for post-secondary coursework. The dashboard is an early warning tool that helps students get back on track
    If you are concerned that you or your student is off-track, please talk to a counselor, teacher, or the Principal at your school. They will help you or your student develop a plan to get back on track and ready for success!
    Watch a Power Point presentation about the On-Track Dashboard
    Read a research paper about Early Warning Systems
    Review frequently asked questions about the On-Track Dashboard.