Ensuring Brand Consistency

  • Our brand’s visual identity creates one of the first impressions the public at large, our community, staff, and students see of Highline Public Schools. Each employee and board member has a responsibility for promoting our brand identity and ensuring its consistency. 

    Although there may be occasions when a degree of flexibility is required, Highline's logo standards will help you apply our brand identity correctly in a wide variety of environments. By diligently following these standards, you will protect our identity and ensure its consistency and effectiveness. 

    Scroll through our photo gallery to see some quick do's and don'ts when using our logo. Click the information icon  icon on the upper left of the gallery to learn more about each tip. For detailed instructions, review our Brand Guidelines
    Our Chief Communications Officer is responsible for ensuring brand consistency across the district. If you have questions about the district brand and using the logo, please contact Catherine Carbone Rogers, 206-631-3002.