Principals | Rights & Responsibilities

  • Principals have the right to:

    • Work in an orderly and safe environment.
    • Be treated with courtesy and respect.
    • Receive cooperation from students and parents/guardians.
    • Receive direction, support, and ongoing training from central office.
    • Set high expectations for implementing equitable discipline practices and quality academic standards.
    • Receive the cooperation and support of school staff in serving as the school’s educational leader.

    Principals have the responsibility to:

    • Create a welcoming school environment for teachers, students, and families.
    • Provide leadership with a focus on cultural competence; address racism among students and staff to ensure a culture of acceptance among the diverse groups within the school.
    • Maintain high expectations for all students.
    • Encourage student leadership that promotes the school’s expectations and culture.
    • Implement strategies to ensure a sense of shared leadership and community among school staff.
    • Model positive behavior, including practicing fairness and equity.
    • Provide leadership to ensure the full implementation of the schoolwide PBIS plan and response continuum as discussed in the ‘Student Conduct’ section.
    • Consistently support improved teaching practices and ensure staff have valuable, ongoing professional development opportunities.
    • Ensure that school staff, students, and families know how to bring forward concerns and suggestions; and ensure that a process exists for responding to them.
    • Ensure that students are referred to the appropriate committees, departments, offices, divisions, agencies, and organizations when outside support is necessary.
    • Provide positive feedback to students and staff and consult with families of students who are conducting themselves in a manner contrary to the policy and school expectations.