Staff | Rights & Responsibilities

Staff have the right to:
Work in an orderly and safe environment.
Be treated with courtesy and respect.
Receive cooperation from students and parents/guardians.
Feel safe, engaged, and continuously supported with professional development as successful and culturally responsive educators.
Receive the necessary resources to deliver quality instruction.
Staff have the responsibility to:
Play a role in creating a culturally accepting environment by being responsive to sharing their culture and learning about other cultures in the school community.
Model professional standards of behavior, including ensuring that interaction with students is respectful and caring.
Maintain high expectations for all students.
Attend work daily, be punctual, and use well-planned, creative, and engaging instructional plans every day.
Engage students in defining classroom-specific expectations and rules that elaborate on the District and school expectations.
Teach expectations early each school year and review them with students throughout the school year, including an orientation process for new students.
Collaborate with their teams and the full staff in developing and implementing school and classroom plans.
Utilize responses that address the needs of the student who do not meet student conduct expectations, those people directly affected by the behavior, and the school community.
Communicate regularly with the families of their students.
Identify students who are struggling with academic, attendance, or behavior issues and participate in problem-solving to resolve those issues.
Provide makeup work for students with excused absences, including those students who are absent for disciplinary reasons.