Families | Rights & Responsibilities

Families have the right to:
Send their students to an orderly and safe school environment.
Be treated with courtesy and respect.
Be informed of their child’s academic progress, attendance, and behavior concerns in a timely manner.
Participate in problem-solving discussions about their child and the expectations of their school as the expert on their child’s needs.
Receive information from school staff about ways to improve their children’s academic or behavioral progress including, but not limited to: counseling, tutoring, after-school programs, academic programs, and mental health services.
Schedule conferences or classroom visits with teachers, principals, and other school staff.
Bring concerns to the attention of school authorities.
Challenge disciplinary action through the grievance or due process procedures outlined in this document.
Receive translation and interpretation services.
Families have the responsibility to:
Encourage their students to understand their culture and learn about other cultures.
Model positive, respectful, and appropriate school behavior by treating school personnel and others with professional etiquette.
Hold their students to high standards of achievement and conduct; encourage and praise their student’s accomplishments.
Ensure their children attend school daily, on time, and ready to learn.
Take responsibility for the behavior of their students as determined by law, community practice, and school expectations.
Provide their children a space to complete their homework or allow participation in after-school programs that permit the completion of homework.
Report and discuss any student behavior concerns or needs with a staff member and/or administrator; participate in problem-solving for their students and the school.
Follow up on discipline reports by discussing the incident with their child and focusing on how to make good choices.
Provide school with written explanations for student absences or tardiness and attend parent conferences.
Provide updated contact information in a timely manner.