Students | Rights & Responsibilities

Students have the right to:
An orderly and safe learning environment.
Courtesy and respectful treatment.
A quality education with clear, challenging learning goals.
Positive behavior reinforcement and appropriate correction when conduct does not meet expectations.
Equal access to classes, services, and extracurricular activities.
Equal treatment in the enforcement of school rules and due process.
Help in the classroom and support from the school as a whole.
The opportunity to reconcile a wrong and a second chance to exhibit appropriate behavior.
Students have the responsibility to:
Model positive behavior and be active leaders of school culture.
Treat teachers, administrators, staff, other students, themselves, and property with respect.
Take responsibility for their learning and behavior and hold themselves to high standards of achievement and conduct.
Follow school and classroom expectations and rules.
Come to school every day, on time, and ready to learn as participating members of the school community.
Comply with appropriate requests from school staff.
Participate in problem-solving of individual and school concerns.
Report serious violations of safety and security to a teacher or other adult at school.
Practice self-discipline.