Program Information

  • Nutrition Services serves over 5,000 breakfasts and more than 12,000 lunches each day. We also provide a variety of other snack and meal services at select schools and community sites based on socioeconomic need. During the summer months, we participate in the Summer Food Service Program and offer meals at multiple school and community sites. Last summer we served nearly 51,000 meals to kids in the community. 


    Students love the FFVP!
    Students love the FFVP!

    Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

    Five elementary schools have been awarded a competitive Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP) grant. Students in these schools are served a free snack Tuesday-Thursday all year as a way to introduce them to new varieties of fruits and vegetables. Our staff sample not only classic favorites like bananas, carrots and apples but less familiar items like jicama, kiwi, radishes and pluots. The following schools are involved:

    • Beverly Park Elementary School
    • Bow Lake Elementary School
    • Hazel Valley Elementary School
    • Hilltop Elementary School
    • Midway Elementary School
    • Seahurst Elementary School
    • Southern Heights Elementary School

    After School Snack Program

    Each year roughly 15-20 schools and community sites participate in Highline's after school snack program. Sites must be area-eligible, meaning that at least 50% of students qualify for free or reduced price meals. Snacks are served at no cost to students under the age of 18. Each snack consists of a whole grain cracker/cookie/granola bar or a low-fat string cheese, as well as 100% fruit juice or low-fat milk. For more information about starting a snack program at a school or community site, contact Nutrition Services at 206-631-3010.

    Dinner at White Center Heights.
    Dinner at White Center Heights.

    After School Dinner Program

    In 2011 Highline Nutrition Services began offering after school dinner as a pilot program at Madrona Elementary. It was a huge success, and dinner is now available for students participating in Community Schools Collaboration (CSC) groups at 9 schools! Students are served a hot meal consisting of an entree, fruit, vegetable, and low-fat milk. The program provide an opportunity for children who may come from food-insecure households to eat a balanced meal after school. The following sites offer dinner programs:

    • Cedarhurst Elementary School
    • Chinook Middle School
    • Evergreen High School Campus
    • Madrona Elementary School
    • McMicken Elementary School
    • Mount View Elementary School
    • Tyee High School Campus
    • White Center Heights Elementary School 
    Breakfast in a Midway classroom.
    Breakfast in a Midway classroom.

    Breakfast in the Classroom

    In school year 2013-14, three elementary schools piloted a new program where breakfast was served to all students in their classrooms-for FREE! By removing the barrier of a cafeteria, students are more likely to take advantage of breakfast and share a morning meal with their peers. Participation more than doubled at these sites and teachers appreciate knowing every student starts the day with a full stomach. These schools are all expected to continue serving free breakfast in the classroom in 2016-17:

    • Midway Elementary School
    • Madrona Elementry School
    • Mount View Elementary School
    • White Center Heights Elementary School

    In the fall of 2014 several schools began a "Grab & Go" breakfast, allowing students to take their meal to class. These include:

    • Cedarhurst Elementary
    • Bow Lake Elementary
    • McMicken Heights Elementary
    Another breakfast program offered is called Second Chance Breakfast. This program allows school breakfast to be offered in the morning before school starts and again during morning recess or snack/brunch break.
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