Educational Programs & Operations Levy Facts

  • FACT: Highline’s current Educational Programs and Operations Levy provides 21 percent of the district’s funding for educating students and operating schools. Levy dollars are needed to fund the direct education of children.
    FACT: State and federal funding only covers around three-quarters of what it takes to educate children in Highline.
    FACT: Our schools depend on levies to fund the quality education our community expects for our children.
    FACT: Levies pays for basics like teachers and support staff, textbooks, bus transportation, and maintaining safe and healthy schools, as well as athletics, music, and the arts.
    FACT: Voters are asked to approve a levy every three to four years. When a levy expires, it must be renewed by voters.
    FACT: Levies are for a fixed dollar amount. The school district does not collect more money if property values increase. 
    FACT: A levy measure must be approved by 50 percent of the vote.