Ducky Awards

The Ducky Awards is Superintendent Susan Enfield's fun way of recognizing teachers and staff for going above and beyond to advance Highline’s promise of knowing every student by name, strength and need.
To nominate a colleague at any time throughout the year, send an email to Superintendent Enfield with the name of the individual and a brief paragraph on how he or she is going above and beyond to deliver on our promise of knowing every student by name, strength and need. 
Below is an archive of Ducky Award recipients.  Click on the month to read more about each award recipient's dedication to Highline students.
Ducky Awards  
  • Christina Fritsch | Teacher | McMicken Heights Elementary

    There are numerous ways in which Christina Fritsch serves McMicken and significantly contributes to the entire community. She is an innovative, tech-savvy practitioner who consistently models a genuine love of learning.

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  • Martha Gibson | Teacher | Hilltop Elementary

    Martha Gibson is an outstanding 5th-grade teacher at Hilltop Elementary. She is retiring this year after teaching for 46 years--26 of those years at Hilltop Elementary. She is dedicated to making sure all of her students, even those just arriving in the U.S., are able to access the curriculum and make every day a positive learning experience.

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  • ASL Interpreters | Bow Lake Elementary

    Bow Lake Elementary’s ASL Interpreters team Andy Brune, Emily Moody, Dona Shukara, Colleen Frantz, Summer Webster and Danielle Thurman have been doing exemplary work. They provide attentive and important sign language communications for students who are deaf and hard of hearing and are the link between the hearing and non-hearing world. These interpreters are compassionate, sensitive, kind and attentive when working with students. They rarely miss work and when they do, the others work as a team to cover student needs. They attend meetings when necessary with parents, staff and students to provide the link for communications when discussing vital information, which can take place after school and go on late into the day.

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  • Linda Lambert | ILC Teacher | Global Connections High School

    Linda Lambert is an amazing teacher--she makes learning fun for everyone involved--students as well as staff members. She is always willing to try something new and challenging. She thinks outside the box and brings new experiences to the students each and every year. Linda thinks about each student and comes up with ways for them to meet their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, from cooking and learning each position in a restaurant, voting on the uniform, and designing the menu, to training for how to ride Metro independently, and planning community outings. Linda goes above and beyond and inspires everyone else to do so as well.

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  • Lori Riggs | Paraeducator | Shorewood Elementary School

    From breakfast cashier to recess monitor to rebound room teacher, Lori makes each student at Shorewood feel special. Her kind and gentle spirit greets each student in the morning as they get breakfast. She continues to check in on struggling students throughout the day and monitor those needing extra supervision. Everyone knows they have her in their corner rooting for them to make good choices. More than one student has requested a visit with "the teacher who makes you feel better!" Lori helps make Shorewood a warm and welcoming place for students and staff alike.

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  • June 2016 Ducky Awards

    Libby DeBell, Principal, Cascade Middle School
    Jamie Peek, Lead Custodian, Evergreen Campus
    Alexa Wayman, Student Re-engagement Counselor, Connection Center
    Tyler Ashby, ILC Teacher, Health Sciences & Human Services High School
    Andrea Haisch, Kindergarten Teacher, Marvista Elementary
    Beth Stimson, Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP) Assistant

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  • May 2016 Ducky Awards

    Ed Vigil, Safety & Security Officer
    Naomi Fair, Teacher, McMicken Heights Elementary
    Tiffany Wallace, Psychologist, Cascade Middle School
    Rachel Jones, Paraeducator, Pacific Middle School
    Dave Estes, Assistant Principal/Director, Puget Sound Skills Center

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  • April 2016 Ducky Awards

    Kim Tracy, Teacher, Cascade Middle School
    Maureen Roe, Paraeducator, Parkside Elementary
    Kim Meschter, Librarian, Chinook Middle School
    Cathy Reinsel-Torres, ILC Teacher, North Hill Elementary
    Robin Lamoureux, Principal, Parkside Elementary

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  • March 2016 Ducky Awards

    Emily Manalisay, Lead Custodian, Chinook Middle School
    Wesley Smith, Reading & Math Interventionist, McMicken Heights Elementary
    Rocio Ceja, ELL Tutor, Cedarhurst Elementary
    Chad Kodama, Assistant Principal, Cedarhurst Elementary
    Juan Lozano, Teacher, Academy of Citizenship & Empowerment
    Isuzu Niizuma Arambula, District Ombudsman, Central Office

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  • February 2016 Ducky Awards

    Debra Craig, ILC Paraeducator, Cascade Middle School
    Camille Churchill, Family Advocate, GLEA Program, White Center Heights Elementary
    Nicole Isernio, Kindergarten Teacher, Bow Lake Elementary
    Yana Aronova, Math Teacher, Highline High School
    Jami Haskin, Resource Manager; Kevin Tatum, Warehouse Manager; Sandy Jacobson, Science Materials Technician; Instruction and Innovation
    Bernard Koontz, Language Learning and Teacher Development Executive Director, Central Office

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  • January 2016 Ducky Awards

    Lisa Foote, Social Worker, Mount Rainier Service Area and Woodside Site
    Karen Boucher, Literacy Coach, Cascade Middle School
    Yadira Rosales, Bilingual Paraeducator/Family Liaison, Arts & Academics Academy
    Anissa Sharratt, Manager, Connection Center
    Frank Cantwell, Assistant Principal, CHOICE Academy
    Michael Sita, Principal, New Start, CHOICE Academy, and Alternative Programs

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