Crowded Schools, Growing Enrollment

  • Crowded classroom at one of Highline's elementary schools.  Our community is rapidly growing. We are projected to see an increase of over 2,400 students over the next 10 years.
    The state is funding full-day kindergarten and lower class sizes at grades K-3, but we need to add nearly 50 classrooms to make room for smaller classes. That's just for the students we have now, not counting the additional students who are coming in the next several years.
    The bond will ease overcrowding at our elementary schools and allow us to lower class sizes in kindergarten through third grade.
    In Washington, school construction is only funded through voter-approved bonds. The state does not provide funding for rebuilding or renovating schools. It does provide partial matching dollars after a bond is approved. 
    How Fast is Highline Public Schools Growing?

Aging Schools

  • CFAC members tour Des Moines Elementary School.
    A number of Highline schools are priorities for replacement due to their age and condition. Though the district is committed to responsible maintenance of our facilities, there is a point when a building's mechanical systems and structures are no longer cost-effective to repair. For instance, some of our facilities' boilers are so old, we can no longer get parts to repair them.
    In particular, Des Moines Elementary and Highline High School are both over 90 years old and are targeted for replacement.
    Independent architectural and engineering surveys of all Highline's facilities were conducted in 2008 and 2013. You can review the results of the latest survey here.