• High school graduation is not the end of our students' education; it is just the beginning. The jobs of the future require further learning after high school, and it is our job to make sure students are prepared for the pathway they choose.

    That's why Highline is intentionally focusing beyond graduation, to prepare students to successfully complete some form of education after high school.

    We are asking our students to think about their post-high school plans in terms of T-2-4, referring to Technical training, a 2-year degree program, or a 4-year university experience. All are good options. Our high schools are expanding course offerings so students are ready for whichever one they choose.

    Teachers need to truly know students by name, strength, and need to help them navigate their options. That's what Advisory class is about. All middle and high school students are required to take Advisory class every semester. While Advisory may look different at each school, all focus on four areas: personal, social, academic, and college/career development.

    "All four are really essential components," said Carrie Howell, Mount Rainier High School teacher and advisor.

    See how Carrie supports her students as they choose their path and prepare for their future in our video about Advisory.