• Out-of-school suspensions will be eliminated except when critical for student and staff safety. 

    Getting to Zero Suspensions We've seen a dramatic drop in out-of-school suspensions as we develop new ways to help students learn from their mistakes. Eliminating out-of-school suspensions except when critical for student and staff safety is one of our big strategic goals.

    That doesn’t mean students can misbehave without consequences. Instead of sending students home for days when they make a poor choice, schools have developed a number of alternative discipline approaches.

    Some schools have in-school suspension programs where students are required to keep up with school work but are not allowed to socialize with peers. Other schools take a restorative justice approach: the offending student must face a panel of teachers and peers to discuss how he or she harmed others.

    Our ultimate goal is to graduate students prepared for college, career, and citizenship. To graduate, students have be in school consistently. Data show that even one suspension can get a student started down the path to dropping out.

    Watch this video to see why Highline staff have made this commitment to our students.