Bilingual & Biliterate

  • Every student in the class of 2026 will graduate bilingual and biliterate. 

    Aiming for Bilingual & Biliterate
    We want to see all students graduate bilingual and biliterate by 2026. What does this mean? And why is it important?
    You are bilingual and biliterate if you can read, write, speak, and listen in two languages. Mastering more than one language is a tremendous advantage in today’s world.
    Employees with bilingual skills are in great demand and have the potential to earn more. Our bilingual and biliterate graduates will be at the front of the line for those high-demand jobs.
    Learning more than one language, especially at a young age, gives students a big boost academically. Research shows language learning enhances memory, attention, and creative thinking. Bilingual students develop stronger skills in both languages than students who learn only one language.
    In Highline, more than 100 languages are spoken at home. Our bilingual and biliterate goal recognizes and celebrates our students’ many cultures and languages. It gives students a deeper understanding of others.
    Watch this video to see why teachers and staff have made becoming bilingual and biliterate a priority in Highline.