Success in Algebra

  • At least 19 out of 20  students enter Grade 6 in 2013 will pass algebra by Grade 9.

    Success in Algebra
    We believe all students can be successful in algebra. That's why one of our big strategic goals is for at least 19 out of 20 students to pass algebra by grade nine. 
    Why is algebra by ninth grade so important?

    Research shows students who pass algebra by the end of ninth grade are more likely to graduate high school on time.

    Concepts learned in algebra prepare students for higher level math courses. which students need to graduate, A student who fails algebra has to retake the class -- and that means less time to take other required courses and electives. 
    The thinking skills gained in math give students a boost in all kinds of ways. Math is about working through a problem, finding a solution, and deep critical thinking, skills students need in every subject. 

    Ultimately, our algebra goal supports our big goal of graduating at least 19 out of 20 students prepared to choose their future. 

    Watch this video to see why teachers and staff have made this commitment to our students.