Design for New Evergreen, Tyee & Pacific

  • With passage of the bond, we will begin design of new Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific campuses. CFAC recommended the design of these three school projects to save approximately $23 million.  
    Our next step is to involve the school communities of Evergreen, Tyee, and Pacific in planning and design of their new schools. We will share information about a process for selecting design committees in the coming weeks.
    Design for New Evergreen, Tyee & Pacific
    Evergreen CampusTyee CampusPacific Middle School 
    By starting the design now, these school projects will be ready to proceed to bid for construction in approximately two to two-and-a-half years. This will save tax payers money because construction costs are escalating at 4 to 6 percent per year. Completing the design early also means these schools will open two years earlier than they would if we wait to fund design in a future bond. 
    Construction of these three schools will require passage of another bond, which would be Phase 2 of CFAC's three-phase long-term facilities plan.  However, by spending $14 million in this bond, we save $23 million in a future bond.