New Middle School at Glacier

  • The bond will provide funding to build a new middle school on the district-owned Glacier site. 
    CFAC recommended construction of an additional middle school as the best solution to current overcrowding and future enrollment growth. The enrollment increase now impacting our elementary schools will hit middle schools as this group of students gets to middle school age. The new middle school will allow us to accommodate that enrollment growth.
    New Middle School at Glacier
    Construction of a new middle school will achieve two goals:
    1. It makes room to move sixth grade to middle school, where students will have more opportunities for advanced coursework, a wider range of classes, and electives. This supports our goal of graduating at least 19 out of 20 students by better preparing students for high school.
    2. It creates additional classroom space in all our elementary schools, allowing us to receive state class size reduction dollars to hire more teachers and lower class sizes in grades K-3.
    Glacier Site
    Glacier High School closed in 1985 because of declining enrollment districtwide. The expansion of SeaTac Airport resulted in a significant shift in residential patterns away from the Glacier neighborhood. The school was determined to be within the airport’s noise contours, and the site was deemed unusable for educational purposes.
    Recently, due to the use of quieter aircraft, it was determined that the Glacier site is no longer within the restricted noise contours and that the site could be used for educational purposes as long as it meets the acoustical building standards for noise reduction.  
    The current building condition is rated as “poor." It does not meet current building code. The cost to demolish the existing structure and build new is more cost effective than to modernize and repair. The structure, in addition to its condition rating of “poor,” does not meet the district’s programmatic standards for a middle school or today's standards for seismic, noise, electrical and mechanical codes.