Evergreen Core Planning Team

  • The Evergreen Core Planning Team developed six building blocks for Evergreen Campus:
    • High expectations with rigorous, engaging and appropriate curriculum
    • Academic supports and personalization 
    • Student agency, advocacy, and ownership of learning
    • Recruitment, development, retention of culturally competent teachers, leaders and staff
    • Student health and socio-emotional supports
    • Strong partnership and communication with family and community
Six Building Blocks – Evergreen Campus

Options Developed by Evergreen Core Planning Team

  • OPTION 1: One Evergreen, One SchoolReturn to Evergreen High School
    Expand opportunities for students
    Strong partnerships and communication with parents, families, community
    Extracurricular activities
    OPTION 2: Three Families, One Tribe
    3 autonomous schools
    Flexible, agile, and responsive to student needs
    Improving collaboration
    Building on strengths of personal relationships
    OPTION 3: Hybrid Structure
    Academies for grades 9-10; career-themed academies for grades 11-12 
    Comprehensive high school
    Community contributions (booster club, alumni association, PTA)

Common Themes

  • Common themes identified by the Tyee and Evergreen Core Planning Teams include:
    • Relationships and positive school culture
    • Access to a variety of course offerings, extracurricular opportunities
    • Response to student needs
    • Community and family partnerships
    • Student voice
    • Support systems