Tyee Core Planning Team

Building Blocks

  • The Tyee Core Planning Team developed five building blocks for Tyee Campus:
    • Challenging coursework with meaningful real-world experiences
    • Student choice, active voice and engagement
    • Empowered professional learning and collaboration
    • Support systems for students, staff and families
    • Family and community ownership and collaboration 
Tyee Core Planning Team Five Building Blocks

Options Developed by Tyee Core Planning Team

  • OPTION 1: Upper/lower Small Learning Communities
    Comprehensive school
    Academies at lower grades
    Student choice of academy
    Community partnerships connected to industry 
    OPTION 2: Project Based Learning Interdisciplinary Academies
    Comprehensive school
    Academies grades 9-12
    Access to all classes
    OPTION 3: Small schools with crossover
    Unified campus under one mission and theme, academic assurances, family and community voice
    3-4 small schools that meet the mission in different ways
    Shared bell schedule
    Shared sports, dances, clubs and family center

Common Themes

  • Common themes identified by the Tyee and Evergreen Core Planning Teams include:
    • Relationships and positive school culture
    • Access to a variety of course offerings, extracurricular opportunities
    • Response to student needs
    • Community and family partnerships
    • Student voice
    • Support systems