Tyee Core Planning Team

Building Blocks

The Tyee Core Planning Team developed five building blocks for Tyee Campus:
  • Challenging coursework with meaningful real-world experiences
  • Student choice, active voice and engagement
  • Empowered professional learning and collaboration
  • Support systems for students, staff and families
  • Family and community ownership and collaboration 
Tyee Core Planning Team Five Building Blocks

Options Developed by Tyee Core Planning Team

OPTION 1: Upper/lower Small Learning Communities
Comprehensive school
Academies at lower grades
Student choice of academy
Community partnerships connected to industry 
OPTION 2: Project Based Learning Interdisciplinary Academies
Comprehensive school
Academies grades 9-12
Access to all classes
OPTION 3: Small schools with crossover
Unified campus under one mission and theme, academic assurances, family and community voice
3-4 small schools that meet the mission in different ways
Shared bell schedule
Shared sports, dances, clubs and family center

Common Themes

Common themes identified by the Tyee and Evergreen Core Planning Teams include:
  • Relationships and positive school culture
  • Access to a variety of course offerings, extracurricular opportunities
  • Response to student needs
  • Community and family partnerships
  • Student voice
  • Support systems