Tyee Design Team

  • Both ACE and Global High Schools participated in a process for each school community to help determine who would serve on the Design Team for the Tyee campus.  Below are those students, staff and central office staff members who make up the design team:


    Emily Lee, ACE teacher

    James Boutin, ACE teacher

    Stephen McCord, ACE teacher

    Gretchen Lemon, Global teacher, Dean of students

    Noelle Jung, Global teacher

    Virginia Andrews, Global Counselor

    Jose Brito-Santana, Global Student

    Paola Cisneros-Lepe, Global Student

    Elizabeth Lopez, Global Student

    Ernesto Salas, Global Student

    Brielle Mpeti, ACE Student

    Dah'Neya Spencer, ACE Student

    Isabella Ramirez, ACE Student

    Salai Slen, ACE Student

    Nicole Fitch, Principal, Global and ACE

    Kelly Raymond, Instructional Leadership Executive Director, Tyee campus

    Susanne Jerde, Chief Academic Officer, Highline Public Schools

    Julie Hunter, Director of Secondary Initiatives (Facilitator)