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Overnight Trip Expectations:

1. All student and chaperone room keys will be distributed by the designated leader. Chaperones will be responsible to get the keys (both their own and their groups’) from the designated leaders.

2. Hotel/overnight accommodations expectations include:

a. Expectation of quiet and respectful behavior. The hotel is shared with other guests and we are representing our respective schools and Highline School District.

b. Designated time for “lights out” and designated “wake-up” time along with schedule of mealtimes and check out times as appropriate.

c. Discuss the condition of the hotel room on arrival with students, and the expectation the condition will be the same at check out.

d. Care shall be taken to minimize noise -- including stereos and TVs, particularly after established curfew times.

e. Student will be in his/her room by curfew.

f. Respect shall be shown toward hotel/convention center employees, guests, the community, and personal property.

3. Physically check attendance (use written room assignment checklist) and assure each student is in their assigned room.

4. Expectation of random “room checks” throughout the night. Male chaperones will do room checks on rooms with male students and female chaperones will do room checks on female students.

5. There will be no co-ed time in any hotel room at any time of the day or night, under any conditions, without exception. NO STUDENT OTHER THAN THOSE ASSIGNED MAY BE IN A ROOM.

 Overall Code of Conduct Student Expectations:


2. Participant shall refrain from running or loud talking in the hotel halls or public areas.

3. Each student will inform designated adviser of location at all times.

4. Each student will participate in all individual as well as group activities.

5. Each student will meet with other participants of the opposite sex only in places identified as public meeting areas.

We understand the code of conduct and are aware that violation may result in early return home at parent/guardian expense as determined by the trip advisor.

In addition to these guidelines, all field trips are governed by Policy & Procedure 2320.