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The board will represent the district’s interests in legislative action to promote the welfare of public education in the State of Washington or will direct those interests to be represented through its executive officer, the superintendent, or designee.

As a public entity, the board must operate within the bounds of state and federal laws affecting public education. To effectively meet these responsibilities to the public and students of the district, the board will work vigorously for the passage of new laws designed to advance the cause of effective schools and for the repeal or modification of existing laws that impede this cause. The board also supports a legislative program that fosters the maintenance of local control in decision making and governance within the district.

To achieve these goals, the board will periodically study, discuss, and weigh the merits of pending legislation for the purpose of establishing its official position through board action.

When established, these official positions will be the position of the district in the legislative process.

Board Legislative Activities
The board will:

  1. Develop an annual legislative program through conferences with the Washington State School Directors’ Association and the National School Boards Association.
  2. Support and work for legislation that promotes the quality of education within the school district, the region, and the State of Washington.
  3. Commit to sending a team to the WSSDA/WASA Legislative Conference held each February.
  4. Stay informed of pending legislation and actively communicate concerns and make its position known to elected representatives at both the state and national levels by regular contact with their legislators’ in-district, in Olympia, and in Washington D.C.
  5. Seek adequate funding for schools and full funding for state and federally mandated programs.
  6. Set aside board meeting time to discuss legislative issues.
  7. Respond appropriately to requests for legislative proposals, comments on legislative proposals, and development of priority positions.
  8. Ensure that local media representatives and legislators are invited to board meetings and school activities.
  9. Work for the achievement of common legislative objectives with WSSDA and with other concerned groups.
  10. Inform the public of its legislative priorities and outcomes of its legislative efforts.
  11. Designate one or more of its members to serve as legislative representative with theWashington State School Directors’ Association.
  12. Endeavor to designate a member to act as representative to the Federal Relations Network as a means to stay informed and influence federal education policy.

Board members, individually or as members of professional organizations, will not represent positions conflicting with the district’s on legislative matters unless it is made clear that such representation is not the official position of the district.

 WSSDA Legislative Representative
The board’s Washington State School Directors’ Association legislative representative serves as the contact person and acts as the coordinator of the board’s state legislative activities. The legislative representative also serves as the board’s liaison with the Washington State School Directors’ Association Legislative Assembly. The legislative representative shall assume office July 1 in an even year for a two-year period. The legislative representative shall:

  1. Attend Washington State School Directors’ Association Legislative Assemblies conveying local views and concerns to that body and participating in the formulation of state legislative programs;
  2. Monitor proposed education legislation;
  3. Inform the board of pending legislative issues and existing or proposed WSSDA legislative positions; and
  4. Participate in WSSDA’s activities related to legislative representatives.

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Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: September 2009
Classification: Discretionary