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Philosophy: Highline School District believes that the district’s technology focus should support student achievement through innovative, mobile, flexible, and responsive devices that prepare tech savvy and tech literate students for their future. The District provides students (when or where a program permits) with the technology that facilitates their education while meeting green initiatives and increasing student access.

Policy: The district encourages students (where a program and technology permits) to use district hardware for educational purposes. Students work in an environment that necessitates, by classroom requirements or curriculum, to create and submit schoolwork electronically. In some cases, the district may provide students with portable devices.

When a student is issued equipment parents/guardians and students must complete annual approval forms (see 2026F1 and 2026F2).  These forms are kept on file, including the student’s school administrator’s signature, for security purposes and required prior to the removal of technology from district property.

The parent/guardian assumes responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of assigned technology if appropriate security measures have not been followed (see 2026P). The parent/guardian should retain a copy of 2026, 2026F1, 2026F2, and 2026P. A copy

2026F1 and 2026F2 must be on file with the student’s school office from which the technology was assigned.

Term of technology use: This agreement spans the annual term of student enrollment at a particular school or program. A new form 2026F1 and 2026F2 must be signed each year to keep information current and parents/guardians and student apprised of any changes to procedures or handbook. Summer use of portable technology shall fall under the previous school years’ agreement, should a program and/or school require such use.

Insurance: Mobile device/technology that exceeds a monetary value of $200.00 requires a parent/guardian and student to acknowledge liability information before the mobile device can be taken off district property:

  • Items under warranty are covered under district expense, where allowed.
  • Vandalism, excessive wear and tear and breakage repairs may be assessed, at cost (prorated by age), to the parent/guardian should warranty cease to cover such incidents.
  • The loss and/or theft of a mobile device/technology may be the parent/guardian and student’s responsibility, as defined by the program, school and/or device (prorated based upon use of a district standard for school and/or program).
  • The parent/guardian and student acknowledges that the parent/guardian may use personal liability insurance to cover repair and/or replacement in case of loss and/or theft.
  • The parent/guardian acknowledges that the parent/guardian’s liability is limited to the hardware assigned to the student, any other student’s hardware damaged by their student or damage to district hardware associated to the use/misuse of assigned hardware.
  • Parents may opt to purchase liability insurance through a district provider for coverage if personal liability insurance is required, suggested or desired.  See the Student Handbook 2026H for details on this option.

The school district does use technical resources such as anti-theft software to track hardware.  Should equipment extend beyond the district’s geofence (location predefined by the district as a safe boundary), notification shall be sent to student, district security, technology and school building administration to seek equipment whereabouts and potentially engage tracking and recovery of equipment under surveillance.  The school district does not use/control cameras, if device has such components.

Furthermore, the district uses filtering software on all devices to maintain compliance with FCC regulations related to Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the e-rate program administered by Universal Service Administration Company (USAC).

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