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Annually, on or before October 1, the superintendent or designee shall determine if the district is in compliance with the following program requirements:

A. Appropriate measures are taken to safeguard all student and school district permanent records against loss or damage.

B. Provision is made for the supervision of instructional practices and procedures.

C. Current basic instructional materials are available for required courses of study.

D. A program of guidance, counseling and testing services is maintained for students in all grades offered by the school district.

E. A learning resources program is maintained.

F. The physical facilities of the district are adequate, appropriate and properly maintained for the educational program offered.

G. There is adequate provision for the health, safety and security of all pupils within the custody of the school district.

H. A current policy statement pertaining to the administration and operation of the school district is available in each district's administrative office including, but not limited to, policies governing the school building and classroom visitation rights of non-students.

I. The district is in compliance with the statutes which prohibit unequal treatment of individuals on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, disability, and national origin in activities supported by common schools.

J. A descriptive guide to the district's schools is published annually by the school district's board of directors and is made available at each school in the district for examination by the public. Deviations to the standard shall be reported to the board and will be incorporated into the annual descriptive guide.

K. Within each school, the principal will determine student discipline policies and consequences in a manner consistent with schools district-wide and in accordance with district discipline policies using our established system of graduated consequences and with the best interest of the student in mind. Consequences will be administered without bias of race or any other factor. The school principal has conferred with the certificated employees in the school building in order to develop and/or review building disciplinary standards and the uniform enforcement of those standards.

L. Written high school graduation requirements and rules have been adopted by the school district board of directors.

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Management Resources:
Changes in WSSDA’s Policy Reference Manual - Policy News, December 2011

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: July, 1986
Revised by the Board: 01.08
Classification: Essential