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Policy 2160 - ARTS EDUCATION

The Board recognizes that an arts education (defined as dance, music, theater, and visual arts) is an essential part of the learning experience for all Highline students.

The Board believes that through arts education, students learn to develop creativity, discipline, perception, perseverance, self-expression, and critical thinking. These capacities are fundamental in preparing students to graduate prepared for the future they choose. The Board further believes that a comprehensive arts education program promotes and strengthens our cultural diversity. Therefore:

A. The Board encourages development, implementation, and evaluation of standards-based, sequential, comprehensive, and culturally responsive K-12 arts education.

B. The Board supports the following elements, among others, in developing and implementing the arts education across all the schools:

a. Standards-based arts curriculum and assessment;

b. Qualified teachers in the arts;

c. Professional development for classroom and arts teachers consistent with Washington’s Arts content standards;

d. Facilities, equipment, and materials appropriate to achieve educational standards

e. Opportunities to showcase student learning and student work;

f. Integration of and access to professional artists, cultural organizations and other community arts resources; and

g. Provision for ongoing review, program evaluation, and development of arts education across all schools.

C. The School Board recognizes the importance of equitable access to an arts education.

The Board expects close attention to these arts education ideals through goal-setting and planning by key staff. Specifically, the superintendent or designee is directed to:

A. Define one or more metrics to track progress in the arts at the school and system level, including reporting at the sub-group level where practical.

B. Prepare goals and strategies on annual basis, and use specific data to report on the extent to which the goals are achieved.

C. Sustain an Arts Council composed of student, parent, staff, and community representatives that will support development of plans and evaluate progress.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 2011
Classification: Discretionary