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It is the policy of the Highline School Board to comply with both the spirit and intent of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title VII, Part A, Subpart 1 specifically pertaining to federal funds received and administered to serve the unique educational and cultural needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students. Highline Public Schools is committed to ensuring that district-wide and program-specific learning opportunities for Native students are meeting the particular needs of AI/AN students, and that district-wide programming and Native Education Program development is guided by the families of Native students, local and national tribal leadership, cutting edge Indigenous-based research, and best practices in Native education.

In acknowledgement of the unique and continuing trust relationship referenced in Title VII, the Board acknowledges that the Highline School District is located in and near the traditional territory of the Coastal Salish peoples. In any given year the Highline School District serves American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) students from over 80 culturally and politically distinct and diverse tribal nations and Alaska Native corporations and villages.

The Board encourages the full and meaningful participation of various stakeholders, including Native families, in the improvement of the Native Education Program and all district programming which supports Native student success. The Board acknowledges that the participation of Native families directly supports fulfillment of district-wide goals and an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, equitable access, and culturally responsive service, further assisting in closing the opportunity gap for Native students by ensuring that Native students are consistently meeting the same challenging academic achievement standards as all other students.

In order to provide culturally-competent academic supports to Native students, and to educate others about the significance of AI/AN students’ cultures and histories, Highline Public Schools supports the inclusion of instruction or curricula that includes the histories, experiences, and perspectives of tribal peoples.

The Superintendent or designee is directed to develop procedures to ensure that Title VII funding will be used to supplement and enhance existing programs to ensure every AI/AN student strives for and achieves academic excellence. The Superintendent is directed to establish measures to monitor and improve Native Education Program activities by evaluating the number of students served, annual student academic performance data, eligibility criteria by which students are identified to access program support, equity in access to school-wide programs by AI/AN students and families, and the quality and impact of AI/AN family and community engagement in school and district-wide activities.

Cross Reference:
Equity - Policy 1001
Non-Discrimination - Policy 2130

Legal Reference:
Title VII - 20 U.S.C. § 7401 et seq.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: June 2014
Classification:  Discretionary