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To ensure students engage in an academic program leading to a meaningful graduation, high school students will be registered in the Academic Program Course Requirements described in the table below. All schools will maintain the same sequence of courses; the progression of courses in each academic area are intentionally and sequentially built and provide system-wide consistency to support students transitioning between schools, as well as teacher collaboration across schools.  Any changes to the progression of courses will be considered across the system through collaborative input from teachers, principals and central office staff and will happen prior to November for the following school year.  Schools will provide the indicated classes unless otherwise approved to provide enrichment or match specific program models.

Each school will offer a minimum of 2 opportunities to earn college credit, which in most cases will replace or be an option for an Academic Program Course Requirement.  

RCW 28A.655.250 provides graduation pathways through Dual Credit, College in the High School, Transition Courses (Bridge to College) or AP/IB; each school must offer at least one option in Math and one option in English Language Arts to provide access to this group of pathways.  

 Additionally, RCW 28A.655.250 provides a CTE pathway; each school must offer at least one two-credit CTE sequence to provide access to this pathway.

Schools will submit for review their school-specific Academic Program Course Requirements, following the format in the table below.  This will be submitted no later than mid-November, prior to student course registration, for review by the Teaching, Learning and Leadership team.  Once approved, this plan shall become published as each school’s Academic Program Catalog including enrichment or program specific courses, as well as electives offered.  This Catalog, following a system-wide format, will be published by schools on the public website in a template designed and provided by the district no later than mid-January.

In addition to the courses named below, advisory and completion of the High School & Beyond Plan will be part of the academic program, operating within current CBA language.

System-Wide Academic Program Course Requirements 




Language Arts




Social Studies

World Language



2 credits required any year, any Arts course

1 credit required any year, any CTE course

Literature/ Composition 1

Algebra 1

2 credit requirement any year, 0.5 credit health requirement and 1.5 credit any PE course



2 credits required

4 credits required


Literature/ Composition 2



    World History (0.5)


Literature/ Composition 3

Algebra 2


US history

3rd & 4th year offered


Literature/ Composition 4



Civics (0.5)

*unless indicated otherwise, all courses are full-year (two semesters)

**high school courses earn 0.5 credit for one semester, 1.0 credit for two semesters (full year)

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: June 2020
Revised by the Superintendent: November 2020