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Appropriate recognition will be given students who display superior academic achievement in elementary, middle and high school.

The board encourages staff to recognize students for significant growth and/or improvement in academic achievement and/or distinguished performance in any school or classroom activity. A variety of means may be used to recognize students for their accomplishments including, but not limited to: letters of commendation from a teacher or school official, certificates, plaques, honor rolls, academic letters, "student of week", assemblies and other events or symbols of achievement.

The principal shall review and approve or reject all proposed awards (trophies, prizes, scholarships, certificates, gifts) by non-school donors. Criteria for acceptance or rejection may be based upon the degree to which:

1. The proposed award shall be considered free from motives of personal or corporate gain and/or publicity.

2. The proposed award is consistent with the school's goals and represents a school-related accomplishment.

3. The proposed procedures employed to select the recipient shall be under the control of or be acceptable to the school staff.

The school board requires all high schools to award academic letters. The superintendent will develop specific procedures relating to the awarding of these letters.

The superintendent, in consultation with the school board, will develop specific procedures relating to the awarding of academic letters for high school students.

All proposed activities and/or events shall be conducted in a manner consistent with board policy.

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Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 28, 1985
Revised by the Board: 04.87, 07.98