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The district shall strive to maintain effective two-way communication channels with the public. Such channels shall enable the Board and staff to interpret the schools' performance and needs to the community and provide a means for citizens to express their needs and expectations to the Board and staff.

The Superintendent, or designee, shall establish and maintain a communication process within the school system and between it and the community. Such a public information program shall provide for a district annual report, news releases at appropriate times, arrange for news media coverage of district programs and events, and provide for regular direct communication between individual schools and the patrons they serve. The public information program shall also assist staff in improving their skill and understanding in communicating with the public.

The district may solicit community opinion through parent organizations, parent-teacher conferences, open houses and other such events or activities which may bring staff and citizens together. Staff may develop questionnaires or other survey instruments in order to gain a broad perspective of community opinion. The Board will regularly schedule its meetings at neighborhood schools so that residents may express their particular desires to the Board. Representatives of the community shall serve on various committees in order to provide a perspective of community opinion.

The Board is a nonpartisan public body and as such shall not endorse political candidates. Dissemination of candidates materials shall be done in such a manner so as not to generate directly or indirectly any costs to the district or involve the use of district facilities, equipment, or supplies or loss of school or work time except those activities associated with and approved as a part of the district's curricula or consistent with an organization's lease or facilities use agreement.

The Superintendent shall identify staff who have significant public information responsibilities and establish guidelines for their work. The guidelines shall address such matters as authority for making releases and the nature and content of bulletins to parents.

Collection of Disciplinary Data
The district will collect data on student disciplinary actions taken in each school, and the information will be available to the public on request. This information may not be personally identifiable, and shall not include a student’s name, address or social security number.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: May 1983
Revised by the Board: 11.03