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The board believes that public schools are owned and operated by and for its patrons. Therefore, the board encourages adult directed community groups in the Highline School district to use school facilities for the purpose of education, recreation and entertainment. However, the board does not by this policy intend nor does it authorize the creation of a limited open forum for student groups as defined in the federal Equal Access Act.

The superintendent will establish procedures for use of school facilities which will include, but not be limited to, rental rates, supervisory requirements, restrictions, and security. For rental rate purposes, organizations seeking the use of school facilities have been divided into five (5) categories as follows:

Non-Profit, Non-Commercial, Non-Sectarian, Highline District Community, Adult Directed Student and Employee Organizations. These are organization whose main purpose is to promote the welfare of boys and girls, or to improve the quality of life in the community. Examples are: Boy/Girl Scouts, boys and girls clubs, Camp Fire, PTSA, recreational groups, service clubs, community clubs, cultural organizations, and governmental groups. These organizations may use district facilities without charge or use fee except when not feasible during periods of abnormal reduction in revenue due to inadequate state funding or the failure of local financial support and except when used for revenue raising purposes. In the event additional staff are employed to supervise the use, or clean the facility, the user will pay these costs. Nothing contained herein shall establish or authorize the creation of a limited open forum as defined in the federal Equal Access Act.

Special Interest Community Groups. These are groups whose purpose is directed at a specific interest group. Partisan political events would be included in this category. These groups may use a facility but will pay a use fee sufficient to cover fair share of heat, lights, maintenance, and depreciation costs.

Adult Recreational Groups. Adult recreational groups will pay a fee to cover the costs incurred during such use sufficient to cover fair share of heat, lights, maintenance, and depreciation costs.

Commercial Enterprises. These are profit-making organizations and business-related enterprises. While the district would prefer organizations to use commercial or private facilities, a district facility may be rented at the prevailing rate charged by commercial facilities in the area. The district may deny approval when the district deems such use is in competition with commercial enterprises.

Revenue Raising Events. Organizations using district facilities for revenue producing purposes will pay a standard building use fee. After paying building use and event expenses, all revenue derived by an organization from the use of district facilities shall be devoted to educational, charitable, cultural, recreational, or civic purposes, as approved by the district. Exceptions are as follows:

1. Parent-Teacher-Student Associations may hold, without charge, three (3) fund raising events each year.

2. Certain organizations within the district, whose activities are of particular benefit to the youth of this district, will be charged one-half (1/2) the regular rental fees when requesting the use of facilities for revenue producing activities. These non-profit, non- commercial, non-sectarian organizations include, but are not limited to, library guilds, boys and girls clubs, Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts, cub packs, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire and organizations formed to promote the health and welfare of mentally or physically handicapped children.

District sponsored activities, including curricular and co-curricular functions, retain first priority in use of facilities, and no use of facilities will be approved which interferes with the school program.

Attendance at an activity held at district facilities must be open to anyone whose interest is consistent with the purpose for which the group is assembled. Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as endorsement of or approval of the activity group or organization, nor for the purposes it represents.

There will be no dances in district facilities by non-student community groups for revenue raising purposes, except those sponsored by Parent-Teacher-Student Associations or those under the auspices of the Community School Program.

No private parties; such as, birthday, wedding, anniversary, will be allowed in district facilities.

Legal Reference:
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Permitting use and rental of playgrounds, athletic fields, or athletic facilities -  RCW 28A.58.048
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Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: May, 1983
Revised by the Board: 11.85, 01.91