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The Board recognizes and encourages the right of its employees, as citizens, to engage in political activity. School property and school time, supported by public funds, may not be used for political purposes.

Only the School Board and/or the Superintendent or designee will represent or lobby for the district in or before any other governmental body or agency. As used in this policy, "lobbying" means attempting to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation or the adoption, modification or rejection of any rule, standard, rate or other enactment by any agency. In person "lobbying" includes testifying at legislative committee hearings and state or local agency hearings on rules, regulations or other actions but does not include attendance merely to monitor or observe testimony and debate. Unless otherwise directed, the Board's legislative representative or chairperson will represent the Board.

District employees, when authorized by the Board or Superintendent, may provide information or communicate on matters pertaining to school district affairs or advocate the official position or interests of the district to any elected official or officer or employee of any agency.

The Board or Superintendent may designate in writing another person in the employ of the district to be its representative for lobbying purposes. Persons representing the district, Board or Superintendent will indicate their status and will only present or testify as to that which is the policy, program or procedures of the district. No person may imply either directly or indirectly that she/he represents the district unless he/she has been so designated in writing.

When requested, any person representing the district will promptly report in writing to the Superintendent and/or Board, a summary or his/her remarks, answers to questions and digest of any actions, agreements or discussions that may have ensued.

Should any employee of the district be requested to appear before any other governmental body, she/he shall promptly report this request to the Superintendent and subsequently, upon request, furnish a copy or summary of her/his remarks to the Superintendent.

Except as permitted by statute, at no time will district facilities or funds be expended to support or oppose any position or candidate.

All persons representing the district under this policy shall report as specified required to the Public Disclosure Commission.

District employees who hold elective or appointive public office in an organization are not entitled to time off from their school duties for reasons incident to such offices except as such time may qualify under leave policies of the district.

Cross Reference: Staff Participation in Political Activities -  Policy 5224
Professional, Civic and Service Organizations -  Policy 5525

Legal Reference:
Legislative activities of state agencies and other units of government - RCW 42.17.190
Forbids use of public office or agency - RCW 42.17.130

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: May 1983
Revised by the Board: 11.03
Classification: Discretionary